Month: December 2017

DJI Care Service: Is it worth purchasing it?

dji care refresh

Many drone pilots own a Phantom or a Mavic Pro DJI being the leading UAV company in the world! DJI’s official website tells us something important that I would like to discuss today.

They are currently expanding the DJI Care service. Whether you are a professional or a private drone pilot, we are all afraid of breaking our dear machines or accessories. And that can ruin your enjoyment, trust me! With the guarantees offered by DJI (buy with the done purchase or separately and activate it maximum 48 hours after the purchase), you should be covered. You’ll fly more freely.

Do not confuse this offer with the DJI repair offer. It also has nothing to do with the standard warranty. Find more on this warranty hereĀ

There are a few things to understand if you want to subscribe to the DJI Care Service:

Destruction and validity period

dji spark mini droneDJI considers your machine to be destroyed if 80% of the components have been damaged. In this case and if you have purchased one of these two paid benefits, here’s how it works:

The 6-month warranty: During the first five months your machine is replaced. Then you are covered up to 80% in the last month, up to the price of your model.
One year warranty: During the first ten months your machine is replaced. Then you are covered at 60% for the last two months, up to the price of your model.
If less than 80% of the machine is destroyed, the repairs are free of charge and unlimited. If the damage exceeds the value of the quadcopter, you will have to pay the balance.

Different rates according to your model

The first two Phantom models are not supported. That’s too bad, but on the other end, DJI is not producing them anymore. If your machine is not 80% destroyed, repairs are included if you meet certain conditions. And for as long as you have subscribed to the DJI Care Service. That includes gimbal and camera. On the other hand, batteries, radio, and propellers are not included in this offer.

What is covered:

To make it simple, DJI covers

  • falls
  • crashes
  • pilot errors

The following cases are not covered:

  • Loss, theft of the machine or some of its components
  • Loss of the machine or some of its components
  • The use of the drone outside the normal/legal conditions of use
  • Diving into water
  • Broken accessories. Radio, batteries, propellers
  • Damage does not interfere with the operation of the machine
  • Breakdowns outside the paid warranty period (6 months or one year)
  • Improvements and repairs/fixes to the original system
  • Injuries caused others or to the insured person

The DJI care service operates in Europe, the USA, and mainland China. In Australia and the UK, national laws do not allow this fee-based warranty service.

I invite you to study the terms and conditions carefully.

You have 48 hours from the activation of your model to subscribe.