Nintendo switch finally allows to connect your bluetooth headset

The update 13.0 of the Nintendo Switch allows to connect bluetooth headsets. No need for a dongle.

This is a feature that we were many and numerous to expect since the launch of the nintendo switch in 2017. The console is equipped with bluetooth and wi-fi as standard, but it was impossible to pair a bluetooth headset until today.
If you used to use a wireless headset with your smartphone, pc or tablet, impossible to use it on your nintendo switch. A shame for a mobile and modern device.

Bluetooth audio in listening mode only

This is what nintendo announced very soberly by a tweet in the night of 14 to 15 September. With the 13.0 update of the system of the Nintendo Switch, we can now pair headphones or bluetooth headphones.

There is however an important nuance that must be understood. Here Nintendo offers only bluetooth audio in listening, without the possibility of using the microphone of the headset. For voice communication, we will still have to find alternative systems.

Nintendo also warns that latency may be a problem in bluetooth. The latency inherent in the use of Bluetooth is a well-known problem with Android products.

Nintendo is ahead of its competitors

The Nintendo Switch was often criticized for the lack of Bluetooth audio connection, because it is a portable product where this synchronization is very practical.

However, it should be remembered that this is a classic situation on the game console market. Indeed, neither the playstation nor the xbox offer a bluetooth audio connection.

It is even more ridiculous in the case of the playstation that sony is one of the best manufacturers of bluetooth headsets, and that the dualsense controllers use bluetooth to connect to the console, jack port integrated into the controller included.