Writesonic Review: Does This AI Writing Tool Measure Up?

Writesonic Review

Picture yourself converting raw thoughts into polished blog posts, engaging product descriptions, or persuasive ad copy with the ease of a magician’s flourish.

Writesonic positions itself as the cutting-edge instrument for such tasks. Let’s delve into its performance, affordability, and a suite of features to judge its claim.

Unpacking Writesonic

Writesonic promises to innovate the way you craft content. By leveraging advanced AI, it asserts that your content creation pace can increase tenfold without dropping the quality bar. But does it deliver on this promise?

Speed and Quality with AI
Writesonic boasts a writing speed that allegedly surpasses manual efforts by ten times. Providing smart templates, it offers ready-to-publish, SEO-optimized blog posts that can be customized to fit your unique voice through the Brand Voice feature.

Versatile Functions for Varied Needs
Beyond mere words, Writesonic expands its utility with tools like Photosonic for imagery, Audiosonic for text-to-speech and Chatsonic for personalized chatbot services – a whole suite to amplify your content’s depth.

Streamlined Publishing on WordPress
Its Sonic Editor enables you to tweak content manually and effortlessly publish it on your WordPress sites.

Who Should Consider Writesonic?

Writesonic appears tailored for content marketing professionals and bloggers who need rapid content turnover. With a comprehensive AI editor and a host of functions, Writesonic could become invaluable for those short on time or technical skills.

how to use writesonic

How Writesonic Works

The tool employs AI templates and a robust AI Article Writer to generate content. It offers a choice between Premium and Superior quality, with the latter granting access to the latest GPT-4 tech.

Sonic Editor and Writesonic AI Editor
These editors offer automated editing to polish off your text. Writesonic saves you from repetitive tasks and ensures consistent quality.

AI-Generated Imagery and Interactions
Create stunning visuals in a flash with Photosonic, and engage customers with an intelligent chatbot through Chatsonic.

Writesonic’s Pricing
Reasonably priced in comparison to counterparts, with plans ranging from a free trial to enterprise subscriptions.

Comparison to Other Tools
Writesonic lines up against other AI editors like Jasper AI, but its unique features and cost set it apart.

Pros and Cons

Focusing on details like generating text from Google results or WordPress integration, Writesonic positions itself as a powerful and versatile tool.

Find more on Writesonic in this comprehensive guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Writesonic apart?
Writesonic stands out with its speed and GPT-4 technology integration, plus the multitude of content formats it can generate.

Is there a version of Writesonic? Yes, a free package is available, albeit with limited features.

How can one test Writesonic before committing?
There’s a 14-day trial period with no commitment or payment information required to explore all features.

How does Writesonic differentiate from other similar tools?
With options between NLP and GPT-4 and predesigned models at no extra cost, Writesonic aims to optimize content creation.

Now you have a clearer picture of what Writesonic offers. Does it tempt you to give this tool a whirl to boost your content production game?

How to Set Up an Offshore LLC in the United States

How to Set Up an Offshore LLC in the United States

Setting up an offshore limited liability company (LLC) in the United States can be a smart business move for many reasons. An offshore LLC allows you to limit personal liability and protect assets while taking advantage of favorable tax incentives.

This guide will walk you through the key steps for establishing an offshore LLC in the US.

What is an Offshore LLC?

An offshore LLC is a US-based LLC that is set up in a state other than the one where the business owner resides or operates. Many entrepreneurs choose states like Delaware, Wyoming, and New Mexico, which offer attractive legal and tax benefits for LLCs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Asset protection
  • Tax savings
  • Anonymity and privacy
  • Less stringent reporting and compliance rules

Reasons to Set Up an Offshore LLC

There are several compelling reasons you may want to set up an offshore LLC:

Legal Liability Protection

An LLC shields the owner’s personal assets from legal liability related to the business. This applies to both offshore and domestic LLCs. Lawsuits and creditors for the business cannot seize your personal assets such as bank accounts or property.

Taxation Flexibility

Depending on the state, setting up an offshore LLC can provide more favorable tax rates and deductions than locating your LLC where you live or work. You may also be able to avoid paying state taxes in your home state.

Keeping Your Information Private

When you establish an offshore LLC in a state like Delaware, your personal details, such as your name and address can be kept confidential. Only the registered agent’s information appears on public documents.

How to Set Up an Offshore LLC

Setting up an offshore LLC consists of several key steps:

1. Choose Where to Form Your LLC

Consider factors like tax implications, privacy laws, compliance rules, and registered agent fees when choosing which state to create your offshore LLC. Popular options include Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming.

2. Select a Registered Agent

You must appoint a registered agent to accept official correspondence and legal notices from the state on behalf of your LLC. Many online services offer this for all 50 states.

3. File Formation Documents

You will need to file “articles of organization” with the state to legally create your LLC. This document is typically simple and includes basic information like your LLC’s name and registered agent’s address.

4. Create an Operating Agreement

This agreement defines ownership, distribution of profits and losses, member responsibilities, and dissolution protocols. While not required, it can help settle disputes among members.

5. Get an EIN from the IRS

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) identifies your business and is used similarly to an individual’s Social Security Number for federal tax purposes. It only takes a few minutes to obtain an EIN online.

6. Set Up Accounting Procedures

Build out internal processes for handling your LLC’s financial operations. This includes opening a business bank account, invoicing systems, determining your tax requirements, and more. Consider hiring an accountant to assist with compliance.

And with that, you can be well on your way to operating your offshore LLC! Just be sure to continue meeting all annual state requirements. Reach out to legal and tax experts if you have any questions along the way.

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What Are the Best Visa Options to Live in Thailand Long-Term?

What Are the Best Visa Options to Live in Thailand Long-Term?

When you think of Thailand, you might envision short-term holiday escapades, but the nation offers a range of visas that cater to those wishing to stay for the long haul, a fact that often goes unnoticed.

As you consider making the Land of Smiles your new home, you’ll find that options such as the Thai Elite Residence Program provide a hassle-free, albeit premium, pathway to a long-term stay with a range of privileges.

If your years of work are behind you, the Retirement Visa could offer you a serene second act amidst Thailand’s tropical backdrop, provided you meet certain financial criteria.

Meanwhile, marrying a Thai national doesn’t just unite hearts; it also opens the door to a Marriage Visa, granting you more than just a cultural bond.

If your entrepreneurial spirit is steering the ship, business and investment visas can serve as your ticket to both economic ventures and a residence in this burgeoning Southeast Asian economy.

And for those with academic pursuits, Education Visas might pave the way to expanding their horizons both intellectually and geographically.

Unraveling the nuances of each option will be crucial in determining which path aligns best with your personal circumstances and long-term aspirations.

Thai Elite Residence Program (Now Privilege Visa)

The Thai Elite Residence Program offers a privileged visa path designed for those looking to reside in Thailand long-term with a range of exclusive benefits. You’ll find yourself embraced by a sense of luxury and convenience as the program caters to your desire for a hassle-free stay in the Land of Smiles.

You’re granted a renewable five-year visa, giving you the peace of mind that comes with stability and legal certainty.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy VIP services such as expedited immigration and passport control processes, complimentary limousine transfers to and from the airport, and access to exclusive lounges. Your membership also includes government concierge services to assist you with any documentation or local requirements.

It’s an investment in your lifestyle, providing you with an elite status that simplifies your life in Thailand.

Follow this link below to find out more about the new privilege visa for Thailand:ür-2023-4be56c678863
reside in thailand

Retirement Visa Requirements

If you’re considering retiring in Thailand, you must meet specific visa requirements, including age and financial criteria. For starters, you’ve got to be at least 50 years old.

Financially, you’ll need to show proof of a steady income or a healthy bank balance. This means either a monthly pension of at least 65,000 THB or a bank account with a minimum of 800,000 THB that’s been there for three months before your visa application.

Furthermore, you must report to immigration every 90 days to confirm your address. And don’t forget, you’ll need health insurance that covers your stay.

It’s not just about the paperwork; it’s about ensuring you can enjoy your golden years with peace of mind.

Marriage Visa Eligibility

Should you decide to tie the knot with a Thai national, obtaining a marriage visa requires proving that your relationship is legitimate and that you meet certain financial thresholds.

You’ll need to show evidence of a bona fide marriage—think marriage certificates and photos. Additionally, you must demonstrate a steady income of at least 40,000 THB per month or a bank deposit of 400,000 THB in a Thai bank account.

You’re also expected to report to immigration every 90 days and renew your visa annually. Remember, they’ll scrutinize your documents to ensure everything’s in order, so meticulous record-keeping is your friend.

If you’ve got kids, your chances improve. It’s a process, but it’s worth it for the chance to build a life in Thailand with your spouse.

Business and Investment Visas

While securing a marriage visa is one way to establish roots in Thailand, you may also consider business and investment visas if your plans include entrepreneurial activities or financial contributions to the Thai economy.

For business endeavors, the Non-Immigrant B visa allows you to work, start a business, or invest in a Thai company. You’ll need to secure a job offer or establish a company that meets certain investment thresholds.

If you’re looking at purely investment-based options, the Thailand Elite Residence Program offers a long-term visa for significant financial investments. You’ll gain a renewable five-year visa by investing a certain amount into the Thai economy, though the specifics can change, so it’s crucial to check the latest requirements and consult with a legal advisor before proceeding.

Education Visa Opportunities

Explore Thailand’s Education Visa, which permits long-term residence for those looking to study at Thai educational institutions or participate in certain training programs. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Thai culture while pursuing academic or vocational studies, this visa type is your gateway.

You’ll need to enroll in a course that meets the visa requirements, such as language classes, degree programs, or technical training.

The application process involves providing proof of admission from a recognized institution and evidence of sufficient funds. Remember, this visa mandates regular attendance and academic progress, so you’re not just getting a stay pass but committing to your education.

It’s an ideal way to combine learning with the experience of living in Thailand’s vibrant environment.

Thailand plans to impose tourist fee from April

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Steps to Convert a Tourist Visa to a Long-Term Visa if I Decide to Stay Longer in Thailand?

To convert your tourist visa to a long-term visa, you’ll need to apply at a Thai embassy or consulate. You’ll need to provide the required documents and meet the specific visa category criteria.

First, gather all the necessary documents, such as your passport, visa application form, and a recent passport-sized photo.

Next, make sure you meet the specific visa category criteria. There are various long-term visa options in Thailand, including work visas, student visas, retirement visas, and marriage visas. Each category has its own set of requirements, so be sure to research and understand the criteria for the visa you wish to apply for.

Once you have all the required documents and meet the criteria, submit your application at the Thai embassy or consulate. The processing time may vary, so it’s best to apply well in advance of your current visa’s expiration date.

After submitting your application, you may need to attend an interview or provide additional information if requested. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a long-term visa, allowing you to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time.

How Does Thailand’s Healthcare Insurance Requirement Affect Long-Term Visa Holders?

You’ll need to secure health insurance that meets Thailand’s minimum coverage to maintain your long-term visa. This will ensure you’re protected against medical expenses during your stay.

Are There Any Special Visa Options for Digital Nomads Who Wish to Live in Thailand Long-Term?

Yes, you’ve got options as a digital nomad. Thailand offers a Smart Visa, aimed at highly skilled professionals, which could fit your remote work lifestyle for long-term stays.

Check it out!

What Are the Tax Implications for Expatriates Living in Thailand Under a Long-Term Visa?

You’ll face different tax responsibilities in Thailand, depending on your residence status and income sources.

It’s crucial to consult a tax expert to navigate the implications and comply with Thai laws.

Can Property Ownership in Thailand Lead to a Residency Visa or Long-Term Stay Options?

You can’t directly secure a residency visa by owning property in Thailand. However, it may help when applying for certain types of long-term stay options like the Elite Visa.


You’ve got a variety of options to make Thailand your long-term home.

Whether it’s through the Thai Elite Residence Program for hassle-free living, retiring in paradise with a Retirement Visa, joining your spouse with a Marriage Visa, diving into the business world, or expanding your knowledge with an Education Visa, each path offers unique benefits.

Choose the one that aligns with your lifestyle and goals, and you’re on your way to calling Thailand home.

The Best AI Tools of 2024 to Boost Your Productivity

Best AI Tools of 2024

The year 2024 marks a turning point in the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies, which are now accessible to individuals and companies alike. Let’s explore some of the most promising solutions to work more efficiently every day thanks to AI.

Tweet Hunter: Never Miss an Important Tweet Again

Tweet Hunter is an AI-powered social media monitoring and analytics tool. Key features include:

  • Sentiment analysis to detect trends and weak signals
  • Suggested responses to interact automatically
  • Real-time custom alerts

Tweet Hunter allows you to track how conversations evolve around specific topics or products. It is great for community management, market research, or product launches.

Find an in-depth review of Tweet Hunter here on Medium!

Agility Writer: Quality Web Content in One Click

Agility Writer positions itself as the go-to solution for automated writing of niche content like medical, legal, or tech articles.

Trained on specialized datasets, this AI writer generates flawless texts both in style and substance. It’s ideal to quickly create unique and reliable content.

Agility Writer mainly targets freelancers, startups, SMEs looking to optimize their content production.

Eleven Labs: Creativity Powered by AI

Eleven Labs is an all-in-one platform combining different AI technologies like text, image, audio and video generation.

Fully oriented towards marketing and advertising professionals, Eleven Labs can assemble full digital campaigns in no time: social posts, banners, webpages, podcasts, visuals…

In just a few minutes, you can obtain surprising and varied results. The AI stimulates teams’ creativity for optimized campaigns.

canva ai

Canva Boosts Graphic Design With AI

Known for its widely accessible design templates, Canva now integrates AI capabilities like:

  • Logo and image generation
  • Automatic text adjustment
  • Personalized template recommendations

Thanks to machine learning, Canva makes graphic design fast and easy even for non-designers. A real asset for marketers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers alike.

Neuron Writer: Clear and Concise Reports and Analysis

Writing data analysis or technical documents is not always easy. This is the challenge Neuron Writer tackles by generating clear, concise content that is easy to understand on complex topics through AI.

It is much more efficient than a human writer at turning analytical findings into actionable insights. It can explain intricacies simply and clearly.

Neuron Writer is aimed at all technical and IT roles (data analytics, product development, engineering…) to save them precious time while improving the clarity of documents they produce.

AI is Now Seamlessly Integrated in Our Professional Lives

As shown through these 5 solutions, artificial intelligence has shifted from a futuristic technology to an easily accessible reality that makes work simpler and more efficient.

Whether it is analyzing social data, writing content, designing visuals or clarifying complex insights, AI tools have reached a sufficient level of maturity to be deployed on a large scale, delivering tangible and measurable results.

Of course, most of the featured solutions require a substantial budget and are not necessarily affordable for all organizations. But the value for money keeps improving, allowing SMBs and solopreneurs to take advantage of these new algorithmic capabilities.

Beyond productivity gains, the value AI brings in terms of creativity and innovation should not be understated for the future. These technologies expand the realm of possibilities to ever better meet customers and employees’ expectations.

So, ready to take the plunge and bring your brand or business into the AI age?

Electric Hot Water Technology Explained

Electric hot water technology is used to heat water in a home. The electric heaters are either tank-type or hybrid systems. The former store hot water until you need it, while the latter use both electrical and gas power to heat your home water. There are several types of electric water heaters available on the market, and you can also choose from solar-powered and ENERGY STAR-boosted models.

Tank-type heaters store hot water until needed

Tank-type electric heaters are known to store hot water until you need it. These heaters require less electricty and can pay for themselves over time. When choosing a tank-type heater, it’s important to choose one that fits your needs and space.

Choosing the wrong size tank can lead to a shortage of hot water and extra energy usage. Check the manufacturer’s ratings and labels to determine if the heater is large enough to hold the amount of water you need for your household’s needs.

Traditional water heaters have been widely used in homes for decades. They contain an insulated tank that can hold anywhere from 20 to 80 gallons of water. They are typically powered by electricity, gas, propane, or fuel oil and are equipped with a thermostat. They automatically heat water to the correct temperature and release the super-heated water through a pressure release valve.

Hybrid electric water heaters

Hybrid electric water heaters combine the advantages of tankless and tank-style heaters to create an energy-efficient water heater. Water heaters are among the most energy-intensive appliances in your home, using nearly one-fifth of the total amount of energy consumed by your household.

The advantages of these types of water heaters are many. A hybrid electric water heater is cheaper to install and run, and they can save you about $330 per year in operating costs. Installing one of these heaters can save you an average of $3,600 over their lifetime. Additionally, some utilities offer cash rebates of up to $800.

While hybrid electric water heaters are a cost-effective water heater alternative, they require more space than standard tankless models. In addition, they need a warm climate to function properly. They may not be appropriate for homes with extreme temperatures, but if your climate is moderate, a hybrid can save you up to $250 annually.

ENERGY STAR-rated systems are more efficient than conventional electric models

Energy-efficient water heaters are an important aspect of any home, as water heaters use about 20% of a home’s energy. An ENERGY STAR-rated model uses as much as seventy percent less energy than a standard model. In addition, these appliances can increase the value of a home by qualifying for an Energy Star rating.

An Energy Star-rated electric water heater such as the ones sold by this company has lower fuel consumption than a conventional unit, which reduces energy costs.

These appliances meet strict energy-efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Energy. Electricity is more expensive than gas, so purchasing a more energy-efficient hot water heater will save you money.


Electric hot water heaters can be very affordable. You can save a lot of money if you switch from natural gas or propane. You can even run your water heater off-peak by running it on timer during the day.

While the upfront cost of fuel water heaters is higher than electric, the operating cost is much lower. In addition, utilities have tanks that run on electricity during off-peak times, which means you can save money as well.

When comparing the costs of electric hot water systems, it is important to consider your lifestyle, schedules, and household needs. The size of the system you choose is also an important factor. Larger systems can use more power than necessary, so you want to choose a system that will provide sufficient water without drawing too much power. A four-person house should get between 125 and 160 litres of hot water per minute.

Web hosting is a long term game!

Web hosting is a long term game!

The choice of a web host is a very crucial step for any company concerned about its development. It is then necessary to follow certain tracks in order to make an optimal choice. This article gives you some key tips to successfully choose your web host.

Tips for choosing a web host for your website

During the process of designing a website, the choice of the web host is a step not to be taken lightly. On the market, there are several players who offer hosting services. Thus, it is very difficult to make an optimal choice, since the technical criteria that these providers display are multiple. Discover some tips to choose the right host for your site.

We have an original post on this topic here

Take a long term view

Besides saving money on hosting, the main goal of a company is to have an alternative that can evolve over time. Also, it is necessary that this evolution is in conformity with the development of its activity. For this, when choosing your host, you must have a long-term vision. This will allow you to choose a solution that can easily adapt to your future needs. 

Generally speaking, it is better to opt for a limited and less expensive basic offer at the beginning, even if you want to upgrade to a more powerful offer later on. Therefore, make sure that your hosting solution offers packages that are relative to your current and future needs.

Email hosting: check the possibility

Nowadays, the majority of hosting solutions usually give the possibility to host your dedicated email addresses. To do this, make sure that the solution you have chosen has this service in the cost of the package you have chosen. In addition, check if you have a sufficient number of addresses to support the internal organization properly.

Choose a hosting company in the target country

It is recommended to choose a hosting solution that has hardware servers that are located in your target country. This is because it allows your website to rank well in the search results when the target internet users will search.

In reality, the location of the servers represents a real SEO criterion. However, it is not the most important SEO criterion. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing a web host, you need to put all the chances on your side.

Consider security 

When choosing a web host for your website, you should consider security. To do so, make a comparison of the different tools and security measures that each hosting solution offers. IP blocking or the possibility to obtain an SSL certificate are, for example, security measures that help prevent hacker attacks.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to ask the hosting company about the regularity of automatic backups. In fact, this will allow you to be sure that your data will be protected in case of a possible incident.

AI: fake faces increasingly difficult to identify

fake ai generated faces

Fake faces, created from scratch by artificial intelligence, have fewer and fewer flaws, making them sometimes undetectable to a human.

The “fake faces” or synthetic faces are now more imperceptible to a human being. A study conducted by the University of Texas asked several hundred people to distinguish real people from faces generated by an algorithm.

Fake AI generated faces are harder to recognise than ever!

The study’s process is interesting. A first group of 315 subjects was asked, on two portraits next to each other, which one was fake. The same request was made to a second group of 219 people who were briefly trained to identify fake faces, including the defects left by the artificial intelligence in certain places. A third and final group of 233 participants rated the reliability of the 128 images presented to the first two groups, on a scale of 1 to 7.

In their answers, the subjects of the first group obtained less than one correct answer out of two (48.2%). For the second group, better prepared, the percentage increases slightly to 59% of correct answers. Finally, the ratings of the last group give on average a higher reliability rating to the fake faces (4.82) than to the real people (4.48).

“We’re not saying that every image generated is indistinguishable from a real face, but a significant number of them are,” laments study co-author Sophie Nightingalen. She is also concerned about the ease of access to the technologies that allow the creation of these synthetic portraits. She is not wrong.

Almost two years ago, during the presidential elections in the United States, a 17-year-old American boy created a fake profile of a fake candidate on Twitter. The mysterious Andrew Walz had a profile picture from the website, which, as its name suggests, presents portraits generated by artificial intelligence. Twitter eventually certified his profile before being alerted by the media coverage of the deception.

In their conclusions, the two co-authors encourage “those developing these technologies to ask themselves whether the associated risks outweigh the benefits. If so, then we discourage the development of a technology simply because it works.”

3G is gradually disappearing in the United States

3g discontinued in the US

On February 22, the first American operator, AT&T, closed its 3G network in favor of 4G and 5G.

It was written since 2019, AT&T closed its 3G network on February 22 in the United States. T-Mobile and Verizon are expected to follow later this year. This decision taken by operators to focus on 4G and especially 5G networks does not please everyone. Several devices, risk not working anymore, across the Atlantic we even talk about an “alarmaggedon”.

According to AT&T, 1% of mobile data traffic goes through 3G

This barbarism reflects the alarm industry’s concern. One industry group estimates that two million devices are at risk of failing. In another area, Axios is relaying an alert from The School Superintendents Association that 10% of public school buses will lose their GPS and communication systems.

In San Francisco, transit riders have been informed that all 650 real-time bus shelter displays will cease to function.

AT&T tried to reassure everyone. The operator claims that less than 1% of mobile data traffic goes through 3G. Two million free or discounted 4G LTE phones have been distributed to replace 3G devices. The company insists, the country’s phone coverage will not be affected.

On the subject of “alarmaggedon,” AT&T is more offensive. The carrier reports that the nation’s largest alarm company has successfully updated all of its devices, including a device it designed. For those who didn’t manage to do so, the pandemic would be a good thing, because they preferred to install new ones than to update the old ones.

The US authorities are keeping an eye on things, but they are letting it happen

Nevertheless, when contacted by Axios, a senior White House official said he was monitoring the operators’ transition plans and shared “concerns about the potential impact of these plans on the function of home security and medical alert devices.

The alarm industry’s communications committee asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to delay AT&T’s plan until December, without success. The agency in charge of communications probably has no intention of throwing a wrench in the works after successive postponements of the 5G rollout because of the disruption to aircraft.

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, said Feb. 18, “I think we’re on track to make this transition happen with limited disruption.” T-Mobile has scheduled its 3G network to shut down on July 1 and Verizon by the end of the year without further details.

In Europe, too, the 3G network is approaching its twilight. Germany and Denmark have put an end to it and other countries are expected to follow. The website 01net has looked at the French case. It appears that the French operators are reluctant for the moment, because there are still many 2G and 3G users in France.

Apple finally making significant progress on its VR headset project

apple vr headset

The object of many rumors for several years, Apple’s virtual reality headset would gradually begin to materialize internally. According to information from the media DigiTimes, this future product has already passed its “second phase of validation and technical testing (EVT 2)”.

At this stage, and if DigiTimes is right, Apple is no longer working on prototypes, but on a headset that is gradually approaching its final version. As ArsTechnica points out, “EVT 2” indeed refers to a stage in Apple’s journey in designing new devices. The firm starts by working on prototypes before moving on to the first EVT (engineering validation testing) phase, followed by the “EVT 2” phase, which interests us today.

This is an important marker for the progress of Apple’s work on this headset: after the engineering validation (EVT), comes the design validation, followed by the production validation… which allows, as its name indicates, to start the mass production of a finalized product.

A VR headset expected at the end of 2022

Still according to DigiTimes, the Apple headset could enter the production phase in August or September, for a launch in late 2022. Note that Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg, had however evoked a delay of the device somewhere in 2023.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for his part, had maintained that a marketing in 2022 was still possible. We will have to wait a few months to know for sure.

In any case, the first Apple headset should mix virtual and augmented reality by relying on advanced components. We’ll find 4K screens, multiple sensors and an M1 processor that develops a computing power equivalent to that of the latest MacBook Pro.

The idea would be to make this product very powerful and autonomous (it would not need to be connected to another device to work) in order to target the professional world, at least at first.

Amazon takes sanctions against Russia

Amazon takes sanctions against Russia

The American e-commerce giant announced on Tuesday, March 8 that none of its products will be delivered in the country of Vladimir Putin.

Jeff Bezos’ company is the latest major American technology company to take sanctions against Russia and Belarus. While not necessarily a major player in the country, Amazon decided to suspend deliveries and block registrations to its cloud service, Amazon Web Services.

No more delivery or cloud in Russia

Over the past few days, there has been one disengagement after another from many US technology companies. Most Silicon Valley companies have cut their ties with Russia. Oracle, Intel, Apple, Google, Airbnb, Microsoft and AMD have decided to suspend their activities on Russian territory. Measures taken in line with the sanctions imposed by the U.S. government.

It is now Amazon’s turn to comply with government directives. The e-commerce giant announced on Tuesday March 8 that none of its products will be delivered in Vladimir Putin’s country.

A decision taken in response to the invasion of Ukraine, which forced the group to “take additional measures in the region”. In its press release, the company of Jeff Bezos explains that it has “suspended the shipment of retail products to customers based in Russia and Belarus. The Seattle firm even decided to go further by suspending the accounts of its streaming service Amazon Prime, to all Russian subscribers. Amazon adds that “we are no longer taking orders for New World, which is the only game we sell directly in Russia.

Amazon has never really tried to develop the Russian market

It is important to note that Amazon’s business is much smaller in Russia than in the European Union. It does not have a logistic site in Putin’s country, as it is the case everywhere in Europe, nor a website, but the company still delivered to Russian customers who placed orders from other websites. In Russia, there are other major retail players. Local competitors like Wildberries or Ozon. Indeed, the high import taxes make Amazon’s products uncompetitive in Russia.

Same thing for Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud service. The American firm specifies that “we have no data center, no infrastructure or office in Russia. Our policy has long been not to work with the Russian government. Most AWS customers in the country are in fact local subsidiaries of international groups.

This decision to stop all the group’s activities also follows a request from the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, who asked Amazon to suspend access to AWS services in Russia, to “support a global movement of governments and large companies opposed to the invasion of Ukraine.

Dell: growth at all costs in 2022, with record revenues

101.2 billion dollars in revenues, for a 17% increase in one year, is what comes to mind when reading Dell’s financial results for its 2022 fiscal year. The Texas-based giant has thus signed a record year, marked by growth in all its divisions. That said, the PC branch of the Round Rock manufacturer is particularly celebrating with record shipments, Dell is pleased with the first lines of its statement.

“Fiscal 2022 was the best year in the history of Dell Technologies. We achieved more than $100 billion in revenue and grew 17%, which is a significant achievement and ahead of our long-term growth targets,” commented Jeff Clarke, vice president and co-chief operating officer of Dell Technologies, among others, as quoted by Le Monde Informatique.

A very lucrative year 2022 for Dell

In terms of operating income, Dell is also very well off with 4.7 billion dollars for an increase of 26% compared to 2021. When we go into detail, we see that all divisions of the American giant are in the green, with a growth of 27% to $ 61.5 billion for the Client Solutions Group (including 17.3 billion and +26% in the fourth quarter alone).

The Infrastructure Solutions Group, for its part, will have total revenues of $34.4 billion for fiscal year 2022 as a whole. To a lesser extent, Dell’s server and networking business is also on a roll, with +7% (YoY) and $4.7 billion in revenue; while storage products brought in $4.5 billion in revenue for Dell over the past year.

However, this virtuous dynamic has not been observed at VMWare. Separated from Dell a few months ago, the company has posted an increase in revenue (+9% to $ 12.785 billion), but a net income that fell by 11% to $ 1.82 billion, says Cnet.

Nintendo switch finally allows to connect your bluetooth headset

The update 13.0 of the Nintendo Switch allows to connect bluetooth headsets. No need for a dongle.

This is a feature that we were many and numerous to expect since the launch of the nintendo switch in 2017. The console is equipped with bluetooth and wi-fi as standard, but it was impossible to pair a bluetooth headset until today.
If you used to use a wireless headset with your smartphone, pc or tablet, impossible to use it on your nintendo switch. A shame for a mobile and modern device.

Bluetooth audio in listening mode only

This is what nintendo announced very soberly by a tweet in the night of 14 to 15 September. With the 13.0 update of the system of the Nintendo Switch, we can now pair headphones or bluetooth headphones.

There is however an important nuance that must be understood. Here Nintendo offers only bluetooth audio in listening, without the possibility of using the microphone of the headset. For voice communication, we will still have to find alternative systems.

Nintendo also warns that latency may be a problem in bluetooth. The latency inherent in the use of Bluetooth is a well-known problem with Android products.

Nintendo is ahead of its competitors

The Nintendo Switch was often criticized for the lack of Bluetooth audio connection, because it is a portable product where this synchronization is very practical.

However, it should be remembered that this is a classic situation on the game console market. Indeed, neither the playstation nor the xbox offer a bluetooth audio connection.

It is even more ridiculous in the case of the playstation that sony is one of the best manufacturers of bluetooth headsets, and that the dualsense controllers use bluetooth to connect to the console, jack port integrated into the controller included.

Crypto-currency mining: what is it?

bitcoin hash rate

Cryptocurrency mining is the most recent growing trend. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, everyone who knows the concept of crypto-currency mining wants to earn as much money as possible. And for those who have not yet devoted themselves to the art of crypto-currency mining, we have published the ultimate beginner’s guide to help you unlock its secrets.

First of all, mining is an intensive computation work that requires a lot of processing power and time. Cryptomoney mining is the act of participating in a network of cryptomoney distributed by peers in consensus.

The origins of mining

We like to believe that to know where you are going, you need to know where you come from. And the cryptocurrency mining, although relatively new, has come a long way since the first Bitcoin in 2009. Bitcoin mining was the first crypto-currency mining that people knew, and today there are more than 800 crypto-currencies that can be mined and exchanged.

Current knowledge

If you don’t know the basics, you may limit your growth. When it comes to crypto-currency mining, it is important to know that there are 2 types of currencies – the loser and the pre-miner. Most currencies are shabby by their very nature because they are based on a blockchain (a chain of blocks).

However, some currencies that have been mined by insiders are also available for sale in various cryptographic currencies. It is these currencies that benefit insiders. Basically, proof-of-work currencies (PoW) are those that can be mined while proof-of-stake currencies (PoS) are those that are pre-mined.

Trust in the future

15 years ago, whatever you did in the Internet field could make you millions. Today, with good advice, the same could happen with crypto-currencies.

From Bill Gates saying “The future of money in this world is crypto money” to Chris Dixon saying “There were 3 eras of money – the one based on raw materials, the one based on politics and now the one based on mathematics”, we believe that crypto money will change the way the world works, and we explain here the mining of crypto money to make your life easier.

Crypto-currencies attracts crowds to the digital world and the crypto-currency mining gives you the right to your turn to perhaps make a fortune on these roller coasters. At the end of this rainbow there is really a golden pot waiting for you – in the form of digital tokens, contrary to legend. And we are happy to be your catalyst in these processes.

Crypto-currency mining is juicy
A mining rig

How to get rich with crypto-currency mining

You have sweaty palms and you’re nervous? It’s time for you to put all this behind you. We provide you with a detailed guide on how to exploit the Top 5 crypto on the market, how to mine them and the rewards involved. Ready? Ready?

Bitcoin mining

The queen of crypto-currencies had to be the first choice without a doubt. After all, bitcoin mining is the oldest (and still the most widespread) form of crypto-currency mining.

Bitcoin mining is intentionally designed to be difficult and resource-intensive, so that the number of blocks finished each day by miners remains stable.

Why are cryptocurrencies mined?

Governments and legal entities control national currencies. National currencies are therefore part of a centralized economic system. While cryptomones are decentralized currencies. No legal entity controls cryptomonnaies.

It is the users who decide the fate of a cryptocurrency. Some of the most popular crypto currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin cash, etc. For acheter du bitcoin et des cryptos monnaies.

As there are no centralized bodies such as banks in cryptocurrencies, there is no need for private registers. Instead, there is a public register, which is unique to each currency. This public register is called the blockchain.

In a centralised economic system, it is the duty of a bank to update its customer register. But in the cryptocurrency system, there are no banks or third payment operators. So we need someone or something that can check the transactions and add them to the blockchain. It is the work of minors.

Nokia puts operators on the road to 5G by boosting 4G performance


Nokia expands its comprehensive portfolio of broadband technology products and solutions to provide operators with greater flexibility to meet consumer demand and improve the performance of mobile networks as they evolve to 5G.

fgsgdbnnnnnnmooooioiiAs mobile broadband traffic continues to grow, operators want to improve network performance where they see high demand – typically first deployments in dynamic urban centers.
Increased capacity, higher throughput and variable network latency are required to meet consumer, business and Internet of Things (IoT) demand and ensure a smooth transition to 5G. To this end, Nokia has defined a viable network evolution strategy that will enable operators to leverage existing investments and maximize resources such as spectrum, to increase performance where and when needed in the network.

To do this, Nokia is expanding its portfolio of AirScale distributed RF heads, enabling operators to increase maximum cell performance and capacity while reducing space requirements at cellular sites via new single- and dual-band FDD-LTE and TD-LTE radio solutions.

These solutions are based on carrier aggregation technologies, MIMO 4×4 and Beamforming 8×4. They also meet the demand for higher transmission power, expand support for frequency bands and simplify network deployments.

To intensify the deployment of heterogeneous networks and increase the coverage and capacity of the most frequented locations – especially in very dense urban environments – operators will have to deploy a new wave of small cells. Self-Organizing Network (SON) features on Flexi Zone small cells will simplify ultra-dense network deployments, providing solutions to problems caused by the reduced distance between existing and new small cells, and ensuring continuous optimization as densification continues.

Nokia has extended its SON functionality on its Femtocell product line to ensure smooth integration and increased performance in heterogeneous networks when unloading traffic on the macro network.

5g ready networks

The new features of the first Nokia Flexi Zone CBRS small cells, which support Spectrum Access Server (SAS) and Citizen Broadband Radio Service Device Proxy connectivity, will provide operators with new options to increase coverage and capacity, especially inside buildings. CBRS Flexi Zone small cells can be used to deploy host-independent capabilities, allowing operators to lease capacity to other suppliers in shopping malls, hotels and office buildings where space is limited. By FCC requirements, small cells will be able to effectively communicate with the SAS server to verify that the network uses only the available shared CBRS spectrum.

To ensure the flexibility of wireless backhauling in heterogeneous and ultra-dense urban networks – which use microwave beam transport to connect small cells to fiber access points – Nokia Wavence Microwave solutions now support operator SDNs. Operators will benefit from new intelligence and a new level of automation: faster start-up of virtual network functions and adaptable settings to accommodate changes in the radio access network, for example when users move from their offices to their homes.

These multi-technology access solutions are anchored in the Nokia Cloud Packet Core solution. Its native cloud features and operations deliver the performance operators need to provide diverse, demanding and cost-effective applications and services: increased capacity, the large-scale scalability required for network densification, and the deployment flexibility required to deliver low latency.

Nokia continues to help operators plan and optimize their migration to 5G with its 5G Acceleration Services offering and expands its portfolio to include a complete “any haul” transportation offering. Nokia will work with operators to assess the state of their network and design and implement their 5G strategies and services.

We fully understand how changes to individual network elements can affect the network as a whole. And to develop our complete range of products.