Online Voting

We all use technology daily.  Some in the more ‘everyday basics’ way, like whisking eggs or boiling water for coffee; but then you get to work, where everything runs by technology.

“Time is money” is a saying used many times when speaking about business.  This is a very true saying, where it simply means that in business you cannot afford to waste time.  The opportunities that technology offers towards maximising efficiency are countless.  It will and can save you time and money.

Many businesses, companies, etc. use voting to establish the feeling surrounding new implementations, changes in company regulations, the new personnel tea room, etc.  Electing new leaders is also a regular event in most businesses.

Where these things were usually done with ballot papers, sticking up your hand to be counted or putting a folded paper in a box, technology now enables online voting and internet elections.

4 Ways that Technology can streamline your Voting or Election Processes.

  1. Audience Response Technology: Each participant in an audience receives a Clicker device to react throughout the event, conference, seminar, competition and more.  The clicks reflect directly on a computer system and the votes are electronically counted and immediately available after the fact.
  2. Mobile Apps: Specifically created for a company, business conference or event, to be used in training, etc.
  3. Telephone voting: A toll-free number connected to your business, etc. is provided, where voters call and authenticate their identity through voice prompts.  Options to choose from are offered and then you need to confirm your choices.  A voter is never allowed to vote more than once.
  4. Online Voting: This can be used for secure online elections, continuous interactive opinion marketing, and online surveys.  Results are continuously updated and final results will be available immediately after voting is done.

With Technology providing these choices for different types of voting and online elections, you can be assured of an increased voter turnout.