About The Onboard 2 Bluetooth Technology

Onboard 2 Bluetooth scanner

An Onboard 2 Bluetooth, or OBD 2, for short, is a tool that many drivers and mechanics these days cannot do without. Moreover, there’s a good reason for this.

Vehicles are increasingly reliant on computers. Having so many components means that a lot can go wrong. Moreover, without the ability to speak, the mechanic would have to tear apart the whole car to figure out that there’s something wrong with an oxygen sensor, or other smaller, maybe lesser important part.

The ODB 2 Bluetooth changes the math in that situation. It allows for quick navigation of the car’s computer and system to find out what is going wrong. It may even help point to reasons for the trouble.

It’s the Google translate for a vehicle. It allows a car or truck to speak up to let the owner or mechanic know what’s going on with it.

an OBD scanner portWhile it may not seem novel or new to find a device that can “read” a car’s computer, the OBD II is different. It was devised by California California Air Resources Board regulations and later changed and adapted for the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Now people in states where there are annual emissions checks may be somewhat familiar with these computers. The fact that cars from 1996 and newer can undergo the “easy” or “quick” emissions testing is a result of cars being equipped with the OBD II technology starting back in 1996.

The good news is that anyone who wants to perform emissions checks or even stop that annoying oxygen sensor light from coming on can clear the code. Yes, these readers serve double duty. Not only can they check for issues, and report on them, but they can interface with the vehicles as well.

That means that the OBD II reader can help with the pesky issues that are meaningless, but annoying. It can also detect more severe issues. Meanwhile, for more significant issues, the scanning tools provide a great help as well. Neither of these tool types is expensive, and every car has these computers.

That means that it makes sense that most mechanics have these machines on hand. Now the first tool is easy to get because it is much more affordable.

The OBD-II scan tools are more costly though and have features that include great functionality in exchange for the higher asking price on them. Scan tools give a lot more information about the types of codes that are used by various manufacturers. Also, it allows for more in-depth access to data whether it is right now or from prior readings. It is an excellent resource for those who want to keep track of maintenance issues.

In most instances, the scanners also provide the added benefit of giving more detailed information about what’s wrong and how to fix it. That’s just an overview of what these computers can do and why they are indispensable these days. The next time the light comes on, no fear. Get the OBD 2.