Vote Au Pluriel; an Internet-based experiment that was done in 2012 during the French election, showed that different types of voting rules will have people vote differently in these changed voting systems.

Modern Technology enables the world to securely vote online and even to participate in electronic elections.  There are companies specializing in providing high-security online voting and online elections.

More and more companies, universities, municipalities and even governments, make use of online voting and electronic elections.  The voting and elections should always be secure and reliable; therefore, the companies providing these services must be able to show Certifications as well as Third Party Audits, results.

This type of technology can increase voter turnout, due to the convenience of an online vote; you do not need to leave your home in order to cast your vote.  It is also easy to understand and use this type of voting.  Another convenience comes in the form of reminders sent to those that have not voted that is enlisted to vote.

Online elections and voting save you all the cost and effort going into the printing and posting of ballot papers, and then you still have to count the votes.  With online voting, the result is known immediately after voting closed.

Technology that saves time and money, as well as, the effort will help to make your future elections, cost-effective, effortless and less time-consuming.


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